All For One

One Crypto App to DeFi Them All

The complicated world of crypto, now in one

easy-to-use place

Add money via ACH transfer, wait 3-7 days for approval

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Buy backing asset on an exchange, wait for it to be transferrable

Download All For One,

Import or Create a wallet

Typical Crypto Purchase Process:

All For One Purchase Process:

Transfer from exchange into your non-custodial wallet app

Swap backing asset into network chain asset

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Manually adjust slippage for tokenomics

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Connect your wallet to a Decentralized Exchange through a web browser and swap the backing asset for your token of choice

Search for your favorite token and tap "Buy"

Enjoy hours saved using the All For One app

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Add token's contract address and network manually to view purchased tokens in wallet

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Take pain meds for the headache you now have


A multi-chain wallet without THE hassle

ETH, BSC, ONE and more,

no switching networks or struggling to add an RPC, just a clear view of each chain and their tokens, all on one screen

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Your keys, your crypto

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The ease of an exchange, the safety of a hardware wallet.

All For One interacts directly with the blockchain, so your tokens belong to you, with no middle-man holding them, unlike centralized exchanges.

All For One is fully decentralized and designed with safety for every level of crypto-knowledge in mind, limiting the chance of hacks and mistakes, combined with a peaceful purchasing experience, bringing a simplicity to buying crypto altcoins unlike any other app on the market.

One.. For All

Download the All For One App today to enjoy a seamless crypto experience inside

one single app,

and DeFi your expectations.