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Buy any BSC, Harmony, or ETH token in-app without connecting to a third-party website.

Enjoy our non-custodial multi-chain wallet, which allows you to safely store and manage your assets - all in one place.

Trusted and used by  crypto enthusiasts
Hidden fees or risks
Alt coins available in our app
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Typical Crypto
Purchase Process

All For One Purchase Process

The Hard Way

Typical Crypto Purchase Process

Add money via ACH, wait 7 days
Buy backing asset, wait some more
Transfer from exchange to your wallet
Swap backing asset into network chain
...4 More Steps
The Easy Way

All For One Purchase Process

Download AFO Wallet
Search your favorite token and press buy
Enjoy hours saved using AFO App!
Upgrade your wallet

A multi-chain wallet without the hassle

The All For One, non-custodial and secure multi-chain wallet currently supports Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Harmony .

No switching networks or struggling to add an RPC. Just a clear view of each chain and their tokens combined with the power of trading assets easily.

Never miss a market move

Easy-to-read charts in your favorite format

Read any token's chart in line graphs or candlesticks with multiple time frames.

Upgrade your portfolio

Buy any token directly from the app, no complications necessary

Search and buy any token on the blockchain and never leave the app, no browsers or extra steps required. Other features to complete your crypto experience include:

  • In-App Whale Watching
  • Liquidity Information
  • Fiat On-Ramping
  • Multi-Chain Wallet
  • Easy-To-Read Charts
  • ECLIPSE / New Token Discovery
  • Security Features
  • Live Transaction Feed
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Stake your assets
and watch it grow

With All For One, you can stake Harmony ONE in seconds - just select the validator, confirm, and you're done!

And with the easy-to-use staking dashboard, you have your assets under control anytime.

Community Ranking - King of the hill style

Find the next gem on Eclipse

View and vote for your new favorite token projects with the Eclipse ranking feature and spot the next potential 100x before everyone else does.

Follow this button to see how Eclipse can be beneficial for the projects you love: 

List a project on Eclipse
Setup & Security

Your Keys, Your Crypto

The ease of an exchange, the flexibility of a self-custodial wallet.

All For One interacts directly with the blockchain
, so your tokens belong to you, with no middle-man holding them.

All For One is fully decentralized and designed with safety for every level of crypto-knowledge in mind, limiting the chance of hacks and mistakes, combined with a peaceful purchasing experience, bringing a simplicity to buying crypto altcoins unlike any other app on the market.

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Easy Setup

3 Minute Setup

Getting started is easy.
It takes 3 minutes to start enjoying all the features in the All For One App.

Import your existing wallet or create a new one - you'll immediately get access to our best features like decentralized network trading with optimized gas fees and auto-slippage.

You can also enjoy features like whale watching, crypto news, and charts without importing or creating a wallet.

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Take Crypto With You, And Upgrade Your Experience

Buy on multiple chains, whale watch, and manage your Alt coin portfolio securely, with All For One.

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