Frequently Asked Questions

Get instant answers to common questions without having to wait on a response via our support page.

What's ECLIPSE and how do I list a project?

Instead of having banner ads within the app, we've built out a way for token communities to provide visibility for their project. Introducing ECLIPSE: a strong marketing tool for your community to be prominently seen on the All For One app. ECLIPSE is a decentralized ranking system, King-of-the-Hill style. To get more information or to list your favorite project, simply follow this link: https://allforone.app/eclipse-listing

How are All For One and the Useless DAO connected?

While All For One and Useless are two separate entities, they are in close partnership. All For One is a proof-of-concept for the functionality and utility of the Useless ecosystem. All For One taps into Useless' decentralized infrastructure for the ECLIPSE decentralized ranking system and Decentralized Exchange Network (DEN). The Useless DAO, in turn, receives revenue for utilization of this infrastructure.

Is my seed phrase secure with All For One?

All For One is fully non-custodial. We do not collect any wallet data, and we will never transmit private keys or seed phrases over the air/wire. Wallet key data is OS encrypted on the local device, only accessible by the app behind biometrics/PIN when needed for either facilitating transactions or when you manually export your keys.